Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels In The Produce Department

It isn't a huge news flash, but I feel it needs to be shared.  There are still really good people out there who do small random acts of kindness that restore one's faith in humanity.  

Saturday evening, Jennifer bravely took all three of her children to a local grocery store with her. (She had offers to watch the kids but gracefully declined, determined to take the whole bunch.) While they were in the produce area, one of the children spotted some yummy-looking cherries and asked if they could get some.  Wise shopper that she is, Jen noticed them priced at a whopping $8 per pound and told her they "could not afford those" and moved along. But before they got too far away, an employee who obviously overheard their conversation, came over with a bag of cherries that had a big orange neon sticker on it, showing they were on sale for only $1 a pound.

I've heard that LIFE itself is just a bowl of cherries, but I sincerely hope that sweet person receives a star in their crown (on judgement day) for the small, thoughtful gestures that make such a difference.  On the outside chance that you might feel sorry for the store because they failed to make a profit on that "sale", rest assured. . . even though they are not the cheapest store in town, I will be doing a great deal more of my shopping there to make up the difference.

When Jen told me about it, a smile came into my mind.  Years ago, when I had her at the grocery store and she asked for something that I was about to explain to her we couldn't get because we weren't going right home and it would spoil in the car, before I could get the explanation out she said with a sigh, "I know, it's too expendable!" (meaning too expensive) Sounds like Jennifer may have also been disappointed a time or two before.  Sorry folks, some items are simply not worth the money they are asking us to fork over.  The sooner we can come to terms with that, the better off we will be.  However, I am happy my grandchildren got to have some yummy cherries.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We are a happy family. We have fun. In fact, we have so much fun that we never want to go to bed and risk missing something exciting. Sleep deprivation is a serious problem in our nation but particularly in our family. It can cause all kinds of problems, but most noticeable is the irritability. Melissa's kids can fall asleep on cue and sleep 'round the clock if time permits. Chelle's kids are asleep in a timely manner night after night.

But Jen and Jon have NEVER had early-to-bed-early-to rise children. They are better described as late-to-bed-early-to-rise children. With so much energy to burn, they are like Apache horses, they run and run until they fall over from complete exhaustion, unless they begin the Battle of the Bed . After the typical playing hard outside, supper, homework, bathes, reading, etc., the trouble starts with the gambit of excuses after they are put to bed, i.e. "thirsty, hungry, dizzy, sore throat, scared, itchy, headache, the others are bothering me, ( and the heart-rendering) I just want to give you one more kiss and a hug". I've spent the night there enough times to witness Jen trying all the right things. The Supernanny techniques, withholding privileges, substantial rewards for good behavior, and good ol' corporal punishment. The little ones just don't want to give it up.

So, this morning, I scraped the bottom of the barrel of grand parenting for something that might make a difference. Since all their middle names should have been "go", we are grounded until further notice. . . no pre-school today, which resulted in broken hearts. These kids are extremely social and would much rather have a beating. Since I love the three free hours to run errands or clean house, I'D almost rather have a beating, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Not only no pre-school today, but if tonight is a repeat, there will be no play group tomorrow. Thursday is not only pre-school again, but a field trip to the fire department! Often on Friday, I try to take them to the mall to play on the Dow furniture, but oh well, if they can't go to sleep without being put in restraints or being heavily sedated (just kidding, CPS), they will not get to partake of said festivities. And I will be sad too. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Milestone

Friday afternoon on April 24, 2009, a few of us were able to attend the Commencement for UTMB in Galveston for Melissa Dawn McCauley.  In December, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, but we wanted to enjoy the entire pomp and circumstance at the graduation ceremony. 

 Jen couldn't get off work, but Chelle and I took Ella and Brennan.   Cheyenne and Ciara saved seats for us so we were able to sit together and it was a proud time for all of us. Chelle even had an opportunity to poke fun at me for tearing up when the music for the processional started. That stinkin' music has the same affect on me as the wedding march, auld lang syne, Silent Night or any other notable piece that rings in a momentous occasion.  It brings me to tears every time. 

Shortly after Melissa's name was called and she walked across the stage, the youngest two became restless so Chelle took them outside and next door to shake their wiggles out (thank goodness for her)!   Ciara and Cheyenne looked just beautiful and are always so well-behaved that we enjoy being with them.   Often they can be hilarious.  For instance . .  

There was a gathering Saturday evening in my home to celebrate my aging and becoming  and more feeble.  All three of my girls were there with 5 of my grandchildren.  It was Ciara's turn to shine. Melissa told the story of Chey's trip to the dentist recently. . . an outing that Cheyenne used to hate with a passion.  Then, they discovered nitrous oxide.  Well, it was already discovered, but Dr. Bell offered to use it with Cheyenne, who has found new joy in having dental work done.  The thing you should know about Dr. Bell is that he is absolutely determined none of his patients will have the slightest bit of pain, so he deadened her up really well.  She resembled something between Popeye and  a stroke victim.  

It reminded Ciara of the comedy routine that Bill Engvall does where a man was asked what he did for a living, when he arched his eyebrow and says, "What do you THINK I do for a living?Look at my face.  I'm a pilot!"   So, Ciara quipped that if someone asks Cheyenne the same question, she will have to say, (with one side of her face all scrunched), "What do you THINK I do for a living? Look at my face.  I sell snow cones!"   It was one of those local jokes (you woulda had to have been there, because I have not the words to describe what we saw).  We laughed a long time over that.