Saturday, December 12, 2009

Money For Nothin'

Yesterday, I had occasion to drive my Dad to the VA clinic in Galveston for a follow-up visit from last Monday, when he saw a doctor for inflammation in his lungs. They wanted listen to his lungs again, just to be sure the treatments were working. Since I watch Brennan before school at 12:30pm, I dragged him up there with us. We were running late, of course, so Brennan didn't have time to find a Nintendo or anything with which to occupy himself. He was so patient during the hour-plus trip up, but was getting bored after another hour or so of waiting for Grandpa's turn to go in. We hit the vending machines and plied him with adequate amounts of chocolate and Dr Pepper. He was a happy, happy little man.

I mentioned to my Dad that Brennan could count to 100 without help and that I thought it was pretty good for a four year old. Out of character and to my surprise, Dad dug in his pocket for loose change and gave it to Brennan. I chuckled to myself when he did, thinking "what is he doing?maybe rewarding Brennan for knowing how to count?" Then he proceeded to explain to him how the pennies were worth only one, but a nickel was worth 5 pennies and so on up to a dollar, until I could see Bren, while being respectful, was totally confused. I reminded Daddy that Brennan was only four and was about to rescue him from his Greatgrandpa, when he seemed to be quite content playing with the coins. Next thing I knew, Brennan laid all the coins onto the seat of the chair and was making shapes and letters with the coins. Daddy's appointment was for 8:40am and we finally left the clinic about 11:15am and the majority of the time, Brennan was happily playing with money. Just before we left, Daddy traded him all the dollar's worth of change for currency. I figured Brennan would rather have all the coins to jingle around but when Dad showed him a dollar bill, his face lit up like a pin-ball machine! He spent it wisely. One more trip directly to the fascinating vending machine and he was the proud owner of yet another piece of chocolate for later in the day. We don't need no stinkin' Nintendo!