Sunday, September 20, 2009

God's Country

He's gone.  My Daddy-in-law quietly passed away this evening and I will be forever grateful that yesterday afternoon, Chelle and I had an opportunity to visit him in Houston one last time.  

I wish you could have known him.  The quintessential gentleman, always impeccably groomed, a good dancer with the social proficiency of a diplomat.  In later years, when his sweetheart and wife was ailing, he took impeccably good care of her, without so much as a single complaint, and nothing else put the light in his eyes like talking about his children and grandchildren.

Knowing how intelligent and friendly he is, it saddened me to see him trapped in a phase void of memories.  Because he lived a full life, Dad now has countless wonderful experiences to remember again.  

I will miss him terribly until I follow, not only because I feel like I have lost another little part of my husband, but because Dad was always kind and made me feel loved.  But it does make me smile to think that now, he is literally in God's country.  Love you, Dad.  



p0oo said...

i love you Aunt Chris

Virgie said...

Dearest Chris,
I know Mr. VanHorn's passing hurts.
I remember Jen saying....the more love, the more you miss them.
Your excellent discription of DAD is everything I remember about him also. He made sure his Bride was always cleaned up, and took her out everyday. Such a gentleman.
I love you and share your hurt, As best friends always do.

Chris said...

Thank you, Virgie ~ it's always a comfort when someone other than family knows that what we describe is true. Sharing a memory is soothing. We bury Dad today, so life goes on without him here. It is so surreal that we won't be able to go see him now. You and Mindi have said what means the most.